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Including the Campanula Flower in Your Garden

Both novice and experienced gardeners can easily add the campanula flower to their landscaping plans. This perennial bloom is sometimes called the “bell flower”, and it just takes one look at the blooms to see why.


The blooms are a distinct bell shape and they are available in a variety of colors including:

Blue Campanula

White Campanula

Lavender Campanula

The reason that they are a good choice for just about any gardener is that the campanula flower is not terribly difficult to maintain.

Amount Of Sun Exposure

If you live in the colder northern states, you can place the flowers in direct sunlight.

If you do, it is important to be sure that their soil does not become too dry.

If you live in another part of the country, you will want to avoid placing a campanula flower in direct sunlight. Instead, opt for partial shade.

A campanula flower is a wonderful addition to your yard and is perfect for use in borders and in rock gardens. They can be the main event or used as accents among your other blooms.

While the plant is not difficult to grow, it does need attention in order to thrive. Checking the moisture level of the soil is very important. The soil should be kept moist, but not overly so.

Soil And Fertilizer

Fertilizing a campanula flower should take place on a weekly basis. While all fertilizers are different, many require being diluted by half before applying.

The soil should be chosen based on the ability to retain water, but also drain well. You will need to choose a quality potting soil unless you plan to make your own by adding sand, leaf mold and lime to common garden soil.

As mentioned above, the campanula flower makes a great addition to a border or rock garden, but many people also grow them to be kept indoors.

The bell shaped blooms look wonderful in hanging baskets or in typical flower pots. When growing the plants indoors, you will need to make sure that they get enough sunlight. You can do this by placing the plant in front of a large window, or by setting the plants outside for a few hours each day.

What The Campanula Flower Is Not

While the blooms are lovely, they are not fragrant. For this reason, if you want a garden that excites all of the senses, you will need to include other blooms along with the campanula flower.

With proper care, these flowers will bloom from late spring to early fall, providing you with a beautiful color display for several months.

Include the campanula flower in your next landscaping project or use as part of your indoor décor. The work required is worth it when you have months and months of pretty blooms.



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