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Gardening with Campanula Muralis


One of the most beautiful low growing perennials, that spread moderately fast, is the magnificent campanula muralis. The ‘Bellflower’, as it is commonly known by gardeners and nursery men, the world over, is a great ‘creeper’, this is to say that the campanula muralis makes for a wonderful low-cover, garden-variety. The magnificent and floral lilac flowers that bloom from late spring through most of the summer come in a variation of colors. There are blue, white, pink, yellow, and other colorful species of the campanula muralis, as well. This popular and splendid perennial, is very sturdy and also noninvasive, and this makes for a great garden mate, as it will stay on its side of the bed!


The campanula muralis has blue violet, predominantly bell-shaped flowers, which prefer part shade and warm humid locations. These water-drinkers love to have a fairly frequent watering and can survive very well and are happiest in a well-drained soil, in full sun. The plant will grow in almost any reasonable garden soil as long as there is a correct fertilizer formula of 6, 10, and 8. For those not in the fertilizer world, this refers to the potassium, phosphate, and nitrogen levels of the fertilizer product. A great soiling habitat can be created with coffee grounds and crushed eggshells. Anything that is done for the benefit of the soil prior to planting the campanula muralis will benefit the beautiful flowering garden variety, in a huge way!


Many urban naturalist, use the fragrant scents of the Bellflower or campanula muralis, for wonderful perfumes and lotions. There are no known allergic reactions for any part of the Bellflower plant. The popularity of the fantastic Bellflower plant will be a great complement to any outdoor garden enthusiasts spot or even in a single pot by the kitchen sink! Any location within the house, that has access to at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight, will benefit the Bellflower, and will allow the plant to fully grow to its fullest capacity.


Many gardeners prefer to plant the campanula muralis in rows so that when fully mature, they will have a blanketed area of beautiful blue-violet bell-shaped flowers all the way through the end of summer. Combined with the fragrant smell of lilacs, which everyone loves, the entire outdoor backyard will smell like someone just prayed a pure and natural fragrant scented product! The beauty and the fascination of this fragrance, of the campanula muralis, are what drive many gardeners, to choose this as the anchor point, of the entire garden. A fantastic way to start a garden full of campanula muralis plants is to begin planting in the early spring months, of April and May. This will give the plants the best shot at attaining both a strong root base and beautiful flowering and offshoots, all through the heat of the summer!



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