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The Beauty of Growing Campanula Persicifolia


If you are looking for gorgeous color to add to your flowerbed or yard, the Campanula persicifolia is an amazing choice.  This perennial originates from Asia, Russia, and Europe although it grows well in zones three to eight.  At maturity, this plant can reach about three feet tall and as wide as 12 feet.

When the Campanula persicifolia blooms in early to mid-summer, the flowers are a gorgeous lilac color and healthy plants will have up to 30-inch stems.  The leaves are also beautiful, being bright green, which compliments the purple flowers.  This particular plant does best when planted where it gets full sun and the soil should be ph neutral and well drained.

Most experts recommend that manure or compost be provided to the Campanula persicifolia, which helps it grow but once the first burst of flowers blooms, the amount of fertilizer would be reduced.  In addition, once the first blooms appear and being to fade, they need to be cut off so a second group of flowers would bloom later in the summer.

Interestingly, the shape of the flowers look like a bell, which is where the name comes from Campanula persicifolia, which means “bell” in Latin.  While you can enjoy the pop of color outdoors, the blooms are also perfect for cutting and making bouquets that can be enjoyed inside.  Typically, when the blooms are cut fresh and a tablespoon of sugar added to the vase water, they can easily live seven to ten days.

While there are other varieties in the Campanula family, the Campanula persicifolia is by far the most popular.  Because of the size, this plant can be placed in many areas where it would look gorgeous.  Again, the most important thing is making sure the plant has ample sunlight and good soil so the blooms are large and vibrant.

Some people will plant the Campanula persicifolia as a standalone plant, which would look stunning in the front of the property.  However, being a clump type of plant, this would also be a perfect addition around the base of a deck outback or even among other flowering types of plants.  The thing to remember with the Campanula persicifolia is that because they grow so wide, you want to make sure they are planted far enough apart.

If you love purple of varying color and a full size plant that would make your property look better.  Because of the width of the Campanula persicifolia, you would only need one to make a huge improvement to your property.  Of course, because this plant is easy to find and affordable, you could choose as many as you want based on the look you want to achieve.



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